Friday, November 21, 2014

Diary of a Lost Girl (Louise Brooks edition) on sale at 30% off

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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Early environmental cartoon features Mother Earth with a Louise Brooks' bob

This early environmental cartoon, from November 20, 1926 features Mother Earth with a Louise Brooks' bob!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Kickstarter coloring book includes Louise Brooks

A new Kickstarter campaign coloring book, Illuminating the Stars Vol. 1, will feature 33 stunning pen & ink drawings of Hollywood stars by Portland artist Alicia Justus. This 36-page, 9"x12" coloring book will have a beautiful full color cover, 34 black & white coloring pages, and will feature the following stars!

    Buster Keaton
    Olive Thomas
    Florence Lawrence
    Larry Semon
    John Gilbert
    Mary Pickford
    Fatty Arbuckle
    Mabel Normand
    Nina Mae McKinney
    Lya de Putti
    Martha Mansfield
    Lon Chaney
    Anna May Wong
    Mary Nolan (Bubbles)
    Lou Tellegen
    Roszicka and Jancsika Dolly
    Karl Dane
    Jeanne Eagels
    Louise Brooks (Lulu)
    Charlie Chaplin
    Lottie Pickford
    Jack Pickford
    Alma Rubens
    Bela Lugosi
    Thelma Todd
    Ramon Novarro
    Mayo Methot
    Tom Mix
    Rudolph Valentino
    Natacha Rambova
    Juanita Hansen
    Myrtle Gonzales
    Russ Columbo
    Clara Bow

It is pretty cool looking. For more illustrations and more, check out the Kickstarter campaign page at

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Louise Brooks large photographic canvas

Louise Brooks fan Elizabeth sent in this photo of a large (homemade, non commercial) photographic canvas installed in her home. This is very cool. Elizabeth, thank you for sharing!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Universal Lulu: "Eloise Brooks"

As found on YouTube..... "Eloise Brooks" special effects video set to OMD's "Pandora's Box"

Friday, November 14, 2014

Happy birthday Louise Brooks

Louise Brooks was born on this day in 1906. Happy birthday Louise!

Here is a mini biography from Who's Who in Hollywood 1900 - 1976, by David Ragan. It's a bulky, 860 page encyclopedia style work with zillions of entries on just about everyone. As a reference work, its nice to have around - though it has been superseded by the internet and other contemporary reference works. The entry on Louise Brooks (written while she was still alive) is especially curious - it is respectful, but riddled with errors.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Jack Finney's novel, Marion's Wall

A few years ago, upon Kevin Brownlow's recommendation, I read Jack Finney's 1973 novel, Marion's Wall. Recently, I've just reread it. And still like it. The story starts a little slow, but picks up and finishes with a flourish. Anyone who likes silent film will like this novel.

Set in San Francisco in the early 1970's, the story involves a young married couple whose bodies are taken over by two long-dead silent film stars. The story moves forward as the couple comes to terms with the ghosts/personalities who have taken them over. Eventually, the couple makes their way to Hollywood, where they encounter a very different film industry and individuals from their long ago past. Throughout, various silent films and actors are referenced.

Brownlow mentioned the book to me while we were talking about literary homages and allusions to Louise Brooks. The actress does not make an appearance in this book, nor is she mentioned. Nevertheless, I would suggest that the books' main character - a blonde named Marion Marsh - brings Brooks' map cap spirit to mind.

Has anyone else read this novel?

[ Finney wrote a number of other nostalgic novels involving "time travel," such as Time and Again, as well as The Invasion of the Body Snatchers. He lived just north of San Francisco, and a few months ago I had the pleasure of meeting his daughter. We talked about Marion's Wall.]